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Ray Carbone said...

I'm curious about your books - Do I understand correctly that your "Stealing Hollywood" is an update of all previous material, except the love story book?

Thank you.
Ray Carbone

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Hi Ray - STEALING HOLLYWOOD is an update and expansion (pretty much double the material) of the original book that also includes some material from the love story book. It's definitely the one to get if you get just one, but romance writers tend to find WRITING LOVE is more geared toward them throughout - with more specific love plot examples and extra material.

Ace Maxs said...

I love it... how do you do that?

Anonymous said...

Hi Alexandra,

Is the book useful for writing script for a movie or it's just for novel writers?

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Hi Anonymous - the book will definitely be useful if you're writing a movie. The story structure I talk about IS film story structure, and almost all of my examples and story breakdowns are from movies.

Good luck with it!