Friday, August 07, 2020

Elements of Act One: SELMA - New video!

This week I'll go through Act I of SELMA to demonstrate the Story Elements we’ve been talking about, and then do some more general posts on the Elements of Act II before we go on to demonstrate thoses elements in several movies. 


Start with the Introduction to SELMA, here:




As we’ve been talking about, movies are traditionally structured in eight 15-minute sequences, for a 2-hour movie. That’s approximate! SELMA’s Sequence One is 16 minutes long.


In Act One you will tend to see these Key Elements:


Opening Image

Meeting the Hero/ine

The Hero/ine’s Special Skills

The Hero/ine’s Desire

The Opponent and Opponent’s Desire

The Hero/ine’s Ordinary World

The Inciting Incident or Call to Adventure

The Theme

The Stakes

Into the Special World

Introduction to Allies


We also may see:


Meeting the Mentor

Meeting the Love Interest

Bonding with Allies

Attacks by Opponent


SELMA packs a lot of those elements into Sequence One! Let’s see how the filmmakers manage it.


SELMA Sequence One video:



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Libby McInally said...

Hello there. I'm finding your Stealing Holywood workbook incredibly helpful but have one question: when you give rough divisions in terms of pages for a 400 page book, how many words are on a page please? Many thanks