Friday, August 04, 2017

The August Rundown

August is a     s….l….o....w…..  month in Hollywood, so it’s giving me time to catch up in lots of different areas of my actual life. Yes, I actually have one. 

Here’s what I’m up to.

Story Structure/teaching:

I've done it – I finally finished my epic story breakdown of The Silence of the Lambs. I don't care what genre you're writing in - everyone can learn from this perfect teaching movie. If you're on my Story Structure Extras Mailing list you've already got it  - if not, you can sign up here.

                                                      Get Free Story Structure Extras!

What I’m writing:

I just finished proofreads of Hunger Moon (Book 5 of the Huntress/FBI Thrillers), so I’m in that luxurious gap time called “research.” It’s the kind of research that makes me look like a serial killer, but still – so much more fun than writing, it feels like a vacation!  J  I’m also foraging in two different arenas for a next series, but that’s all too early to talk about.  

What I’m reading:

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman  - I’ve always meant to read this detective classic so when I saw that the Goodreads Mystery, Thriller & Suspense group made it one of their August reads, I jumped on it! Wonderful writing that feels like British historical fiction, which, being that it was written in 1972, I guess it sort of is!  

And it’s a double-header – the group is also discussing We Have Always Lived in the Castle, so of course I’m rereading this Shirley Jackson gem!

What I’m watching:

Still missing The Handmaid’s Tale…   :(

Now watching Fargo, Season 3. Excellent performances and weirdly hypnotic. We skipped Season 2, but it doesn’t matter with this show. We’ll catch up with S2 next.

Where I am:

Craig and I were at the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, aka Harrogate, in York last week. This week we’ll be reading, signing and paneling at Bute Noir, an outrageously fun crime writing festival on Scotland’s gorgeous vacation island of Bute, with this fabulous lineup.

Even more fun, the Slice Girls, our all-author female cabaret group, is paneling together and performing on Saturday night. Find out more:  Slice Girls on Facebook

My Workout:

I’ve torn a muscle that is making it exceedingly hard for me to walk any distance – so I’m doing cardio barre at home for my daily routine, which weirdly doesn’t hurt at all. At least, no more than barre usually hurts! Here’s an easy beginner routine to try.


I am always, ALWAYS talking about how writers need to cultivate a good relationship with money. Here’s a great article on basics. Take a deep breath and change your life.


This month I’m giving away all four Huntress books, signed trade paperbacks, on my website contest page.

So - what are you up to?  

Happy summer, all!

-       - Alex

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