Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fourteen Killer Thrillers, just 99 cents each!

Rabbit rabbit!  (Google it if you don't know...)

And a very happy Beltane, everyone!  (May Day, to the unwitchy...)

To celebrate May Day, Beltane and Cinco de Mayo -  the Killer Thrillers Author Collective is having a 99 cent bash: we're offering up 14 thrillers from award-winning, bestselling, internationally published authors, all just 99 cents each from May 1-5.

Karen Dionne - Freezing Point
Katia Lief - Waterbury
C.J. Lyons - Nerves of Steel
Daniel Judson - The Poisoned Rose 
Daniel Judson - The Bone Orchard 
Daniel Judson - The Gin Palace
Bob Mayer - Chasing the Ghost
Grant McKenzie - No Cry For Help
Keith Raffel - Drop By Drop
J.D. Rhoades - Lawyers, Guns & Money
J.D. Rhoades - Breaking Cover
Alexandra Sokoloff - Huntress Moon
Zoe Sharp - Killer Instinct
Mark Terry - Hot Money

Browse the entire 99 cent thriller list here.

So you can grab a sinfully cheap copy of Huntress Moon to catch up on...

.... before you start on Blood Moon!

And now I'm off to the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention with a suitcase full of wonderfully over-the-top clothes.  Hope to see some of you there!!

Happy May!

- Alex

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