Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Left Coast Crime/homework questions

I'm at Left Coast Crime in Sacramento this week, teaching a Screenwriting Tricks workshop if anyone's in the area.

Or want to play along with the workshop at home? Here are the questions I always ask people to answer when I teach a workshop. Hopefully all you regulars have done this, but it's always good to do it for each new project:

The whole principle of what I teach is that we learn best from the storytellers and stories (in any medium) that have most inspired us, and that we as authors can learn a whole new dimension of storytelling by looking specifically at films that have inspired us and that are similar to what we're writing. So here are a few questions/exercises to get you thinking along those lines:

1. Tell me what genre you're writing in. All right, yes, it's a mystery conference. So tell me what subgenre or cross-genre you're writing in.

2. Make a list of ten movies and books - at least five movies - that you feel are similar in genre and structure to your work in progress or story idea (or if you don’t have a story idea yet, ten movies and books that you WISH you had written!)

3. Write out the premise of your story. If you're unclear on what a premise sentence is, here's a practical explanation with examples:

Have a great week, and hope to see some of you at LCC!

- Alex


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Angelica R. Jackson said...

I'll be there, along with a couple of crit partners--even though we have to get up at an ungodly hour to come down the hill to Sac! I emailed you my answers the same day you sent it out, I think. Looking forward to it!