Monday, July 04, 2011

The Space Between

I know, it was a holiday weekend, but I've been busy with the OTHER revolution: I just put my first original e novel up for sale.

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Sixteen-year old Anna Sullivan is having terrible dreams of a massacre at her school. Anna’s father is a mentally unstable veteran, her mother vanished when Anna was five, and Anna might just chalk the dreams up to a reflection of her crazy waking life — except that Tyler Marsh, the most popular guy at the school and Anna’s secret crush, is having the exact same dream.

Despite the gulf between them in social status, Anna and Tyler connect, first in the dream and then in reality. As the dreams reveal more, with clues from the school social structure, quantum physics, probability, and Anna's own past, Anna becomes convinced that they are being shown the future so they can prevent the shooting…

If they can survive the shooter — and the dream.

I am definitely portraying the darker side of high school here - the book is for older teens (and younger ones whose reading tends toward Stephen King and Shirley Jackson!) and adults.

The Space Between is based on my short story “The Edge of Seventeen”, which won the Thriller award for Best Short Fiction two years ago, and I've also put that up online, because that's what we can do, now!

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99 cents, any format.

I just got back from teaching a week-long workshop in Texas and I found myself talking a LOT about e publishing, something I never would have done just a year ago, but I wasn't kidding about the revolution; we're in the middle of one. And I've realized I need to start talking about all of this on this blog, so I will be, starting this week.

But please take a moment to click through the links - buy the book, "Like" the book on Amazon, download a free sample. Remember, I don't get paid for writing this blog - I get paid when people buy my books. All support is truly appreciated!

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!

- Alex


Alleged Author said...

I'm going to order this for my Kindle tonight, and perhaps write a review mid-July. I will let you know when it's up on the old blog. Cannot wait to read this!

Cate Rowan said...

Congratulations, Alex! The indie world has been very, very good to me and I'm sure you'll see great results yourself.

I'm plotting a new book right now and using your SCREENWRITING TRICKS book. Thanks again for writing it!

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Alleged, you're awesome, thank you! Hope you like the book.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Thanks, Cate - I'm always thrilled ot hear that the book makes plotting easier (or at least, possible!) for people.

Good to hear about your indie success. It's a great time for authors.

Mark Boss said...

The writing business is changing so fast that it's a scary time for everyone involved. But it's also exciting. You mentioned in your previous post how learning to format ebooks and all that can be overwhelming. I feel that way, too, but then I realized I'm not going to get everything right the first time. Or the second time.

I'm close to releasing my second ebook, and I've learned a lot since the last one, but I'll still make mistakes. And that's okay. We just have to do our best--the same as when we're writing the book.

I wish you luck with your new ebooks.

Sarra Cannon said...

Awesome! Can't wait to read this, Alex. Very cool that you are venturing into the new world of indie ebooks. I just self-published the fourth in my YA series, and I still tell everyone that it was you who taught me how to plot. Wishing you the best success!

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Fantastic to hear, Mark, good for you! I cringe at the mistakes I made with the first one, but I'm keeping a list, and unlike with a print book, we can fix those typos and formatting issues.

And it does get easier, doesn't it? (Doesn't it??)

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Thanks, Sarra. I've been thrilled to see how well you're doing. Good for you, and all success right back at you!