Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nanowrimo Prep: Story Structure 101

Today: everything you need to know about story structure.

Well, not really. But since it's already mid-October, we'd better get down to this, so I'm giving you Nanos four posts in a row that cover general story structure so you can get to work outlining and/or carding This should keep you busy for a couple of days, anyway!

What is the Three Act Structure and Why Should You Care?

The Three-Act, Eight Sequence Structure

The Index Card Method and Structure Grid

Story Elements Checklist for Brainstorming Index Cards

- Alex


Summer Ross said...

wonderful- thanks for this post!

Stephen D. Rogers said...

Hey Alex,

So the scriptwriter follows the 3/8 pattern. And then another writer is brought in to punch up the dialogue. And another writer is brought in to emphasize the mood. And then the director shoots what works visually. And the actors change pace with delivery and improv. Finally, there's all this raw footage, and then the editor assembles the film.

I know this is a very general question, but does the editor usually try to assemble the pieces to hit the marks of the original script or the shooting script or the product that emerges from the rough cut?


Cali-4nia said...

Very informative! I'll be referencing this again, and again!

@ Steven, great question!

Sally Clements said...

Alexandra, your posts are pure gold. I'm putting a link to your blog in my blog post today, as I find your stuff so helpful.
Many thanks!

Sally Clements said...

Oh, forgot to leave a link...