Thursday, March 25, 2010

Screenwriting Tricks Workshops and Kindle for Mac

For those who have been patiently (hah) waiting for Screenwriting Tricks For Authors to come out on Kindle for Mac, it’s now available (no Kindle required, just your own Mac).

More on Kindle for Mac.

Also, I’m going to be teaching a couple of in-person workshops in April and May, on both coasts, since I’m nothing if not bicoastal.

April 9-11 I’m at the Black Diamond Romance Writers April Retreat in Santa Rosa, CA:

Sponsor: Black Diamond RWA

Location: A 4000+-sq.-ft. residence on 62 acres in Santa Rosa, CA

Fee: For Day-Trippers: Members: $60, Non-Members, $75; for Multi-Day Participants: Members: $80, Non-Members $100

Date: (For Day Trippers) Saturday, April 10, 2010, includes lunch, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

OR (Multi-day Participants ) April 9–11, 2010, includes meals, small group time with presenter, & overnight accommodations if available.

Presenter: Alexandra Sokoloff, Screenwriter & Author. Topic: Screenwriting Tricks For Authors.

For more information:


Then May 8 I’ll be in Jacksonville, Florida, for a

Full Day Master Class: Screenwriting Tricks for Novelists with Alexandra Sokoloff

Saturday May 8, 9AM – 4PM, Arlington Congregational Church‎
431 University Blvd North
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Advance registration is required for all attendees and there are a limited number of seats available, so early registration is strongly recommended.

For more information:

Hope to see/meet some of you there!

(Yes, yes, another blog post tomorrow. Life happens...)

- Alex


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BCB / KJames said...

YAY! I got my copy yesterday. Of course, first I had to download Kindle for Mac. And then I had to sign up for an Amazon account. And then I realized I had to ACTIVATE the damn thing so my MacBook could talk to Amazon (scary thought). So happy to finally have my own copy of your awesome writing advice.

Speaking of scary. OMG. I read THE UNSEEN this week. In my spare time. When I wasn't writing. [ahem] Was up until 4:45 last night/this morning finishing it. Could not put it down. And then was afraid to go to bed. I am such a wimp when it comes to stuff like this. Scared the crap out of me. I'm sure there will be nightmares. I may eventually forgive you.

Great job. Excellent book. I'm recommending it to friends who are made of tougher stuff than I (pretty much all of them).

Oh, and I'm no longer even a tiny little bit disappointed that a writer must be published before they qualify for the Writers-in-Residence program at Weymouth. I'm sure it's lovely and all that. But seriously? Not ever even going near the place. ;)