Tuesday, June 09, 2009

THE UNSEEN tour - So Cal loop

I'm back in L.A. now, after a frenetic couple of weeks promoting THE UNSEEN in New York, Virginia and North Carolina. After my Quail Ridge signing (great turnout, dozens of people!) I blitzed around Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte and Winston Salem doing drive-bys and stopping on the road to do radio interviews.

Obviously no writing done, but that is the absolutely great thing about a book launch - you really CAN'T write. Well, except for these guest blog things I've been doing.

But other than that, it's an enforced break. I love that!

Miraculously I finished BOOK OF SHADOWS, my fourth book for St. Martin's, two weeks before THE UNSEEN came out, and even more miraculously my editors have already read it and loved it, so all that pressure is off and the universe is even more aligned than usual. I will have a fine break from the book to give me some distance and perspective and I have also amassed enough good karma to now force some of my dear trusted writer friends to read it and give me notes to bring the next draft to a new level.

These are all great things, and thank God it happened that way, because this is what my next two weeks look like:

Horror Writers Association Stoker Weekend in Burbank, June 11-14: I'm reading, singing, paneling, teaching the Screenwriting Tricks for Authors workshop on Saturday (and it's open to the public if anyone wants to sign up without attending the Stoker conference), presenting an award at the banquet AND singing at the Ball - with the Slush Pile Band, the latest incarnation of the Killer Thriller Band crossed with Heather Graham's Slush Pile Players theater troupe.

Plus - signings at

- Dark Delicacies in Burbank, Thursday June 11 at 7 pm
- Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, Tuesday June 16 at 7 pm
- The Mystery Bookstore in Westwood, Saturday, June 20 at 11 pm

All interspersed with as many drivebys as I can fit in, in L.A., the Valley, the O.C., San Diego, San Gabriel, and Riverside. Maybe on up to Santa Barbara if I don't drop dead, first.

Plus radio interviews, video interviews, and more guest blogs:

Wednesday June 10 at The Blood Red Pencil, on editing
Tuesday, June 16 at The Romance Bandits
Saturday, June 20, at The Lipstick Chronicles

Yes, all of the above is my idea of a BREAK. Which says something about writing full-time, if you ask me.

But despite all of that, you who have been patiently waiting will be happy to know I saw THE MIST last week (to get in the mood for the Horror Writers weekend), and it's a great film to break down for sequences and specific suspense techniques, so I will get at least the first act up either this afternoon or tomorrow.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this almost-summer!!

- Alex


Karen from Mentor said...

Glad you're home safe.

Doesn't sound like much of a break coming up to me!

In your list of upcoming things..you said you were
"singing at the Ball - with the Slush Pile Band, the latest incarnation of the Killer Thriller Band crossed with Heather Graham's Slush Pile Players theater troupe."

Oh man, I wish I lived near you.
Will there be film at eleven?

Joe came in today to my place to do the Q&A and he was PURE JOE...oh man.

congrats on finishing yet another awesome book.
Karen :)

Bobby Mangahas said...

Um, I'd say that sounds like a lot. Break, huh?

Well, now that you've mentioned it, I anxiously await your next one. And hopefully I'll get to see the Slush Pie Band at some point.

But I have to say, an acting troupe of writers sounds like my idea of fun.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Well, it's a break compared to WRITING!

The performance really is a reward, though. A lot of work, but all great times with great friends.