Tuesday, June 02, 2009

THE UNSEEN tour diary week two

Oh, my aching... everything.

Hmm, how did I get these bruises on my thighs? It's certainly not from anything interesting.

A LOT of driving in the last two days. 11 bookstores yesterday, and I started late, because I did 11 hours of driving (from Richmond to Virginia Beach to Raleigh, with bookstore drop-ins, eight I think) the day before.

Yesterday, 90 degrees out and humid... good thing the AC in the car is glacial.

But so nice to walk into bookstores that have dozens of my books, and already prominently displayed. There's a good reason to write about a certain PLACE... we're all so loyal to our turf.

And so many lovely stretches of country road, with lots of wildflowers because of all the rain. I really could do about two straight weeks of driving, it's blissing me out. I'm trying to figure out how I can get more than one more day in in North Carolina before I head out to the West Coast. Not sure that's going to happen.

I am guest blogging today at Diane Chamberlain's blog, on how our home states influence us as writers.

And I'm guest blogging tomorrow at Murder She Writes, for Allison Brennan, and it's a character post, about using archetypes in your writing: "Goddesses in Everywoman" (a book that everyone who writes or wants to needs to read, if you have any female characters at all.)

And here's a fun thing I came across - a French blog about THE UNSEEN with a video of Dr. J.B. Rhine - in French! I am thrilled to find I can actually read the blog and understand the clip, and even more thrilled that en France on connait moi for any raison at all.

Tomorrow is my Quail Ridge Books signing, and Dr. Rhine's daughter, psychologist Dr. Sally Rhine Feather, of the current Rhine Research Center and author of the great THE GIFT, The Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People, is going to be there, as well as Rhine Center director Pam Olson, and of course my Raleigh mystery writers posse: Margaret Maron, Diane Chamberlain (on tour for her own new release, SECRETS SHE LEFT BEHIND), Sarah Shaber, Brenda Witchger and Katy Munger are all going to be there.

I'm sure I have a million things to do today but until I get more coffee I am not going to remember even one.

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Gayle Carline said...

Alex - I'm sorry to say I've never been to one of your bookstore signings. Could you share a little of how you approach a signing? My friend, Jeff Sherratt, never sits, greets people at the door, and basically "works the room." I will be signing things soon (books, not checks) and I'm trying to get a broad spectrum of what works for other authors.