Saturday, May 30, 2009

UNSEEN tour diary Day Three...or maybe Day Four

Three? Four? One of those.

Okay, I could live with waking up and seeing the Hudson River every day.

Staying in Battery Park City, a part of NY I have grown to love; such a great riverwalk and of course, unbelievable restaurants. We had Chinese food of the gods the first night and I think I could eat that same meal every night of my life until I die and never get tired of it.

It was VERY rainy the first night but this morning? Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Fog has finally lifted and it's going to be spectacular. Which makes it hard to think about heading into a convention center for most of the daylight hours.

But yesterday at BEA was incredibly productive - well, of course! - and not even that tiring because I can use the Horror Writers Association booth (number 5074 for anyone cruising the floor) as home base and sit and chill whenever I want to, plus sign books and chat with people at leisure.

I walked the floor with Best Agent in New York, Scott Miller, and got business done right away, some exiting stuff.

Mystery Writers of America booth is in a GREAT location (Booth 3828) and got huge traffic all day long - we always do, but this year especially, because the Expo is very light on its usual stacks of free galleys and people were lining up for our books. So nice to have person after person say - "I LOVED your last two books!"

I felt things were much slower and smaller compared to the last two years, but BEA is so huge to begin with, a little less doesn't matter to ME. But perhaps it's the death of publishing as we know it. Will be interested to hear what other people have to say.

Harlequin party was as usual, a trip. This year it was in a Soho gallery that's showing a retrospective of art from Harlequin covers and I was really mad that I had to talk to anyone instead of just wandering around gaping at the displays - such an incredible history of - well, feminism, really, in that artwork. I hope there's going to be a book.

The most men I've ever seen at a HQ party, last night. Oh, and speaking of men - I do love NY for the jaw-droppingly gorgeous specimens strolling around here, that can just randomly appear from elevators or doorways. I think part of it is just the sheer number of men - therefore you're going to get more diamonds proportionately, but wow, eye candy galore.

Day continues to get more lovely. Revised plan is to go to the Met via a walk across Central Park before hitting Expo. I mean, there's business and there's LIFE.

We'll see how far I get before guilt kicks in.

Oh, and I have a diary of a different sort as my guest blog on Jungle Red this weekend.

- Alex


Bobby Mangahas said...

Hey Alex. Just finished The Unseen. Wow! Great book. I read it in about a day and a half. Makes me want to try the research too. Well....maybe.

Sounds like BEA and NY is a good time. I really wish that I made it to BEA. Sadly, there are lots of conventions on my list that the old finances are stopping me from going to.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

How great! So glad you liked it.

Don't worry about BEA now. Plenty of time for that. Bouchercon and Thrillerfest are better cons for you right now.

Jake Nantz said...

I've been holding off buying THE UNSEEN until I could get to the signing at Quail Ridge. If something comes up and I can't make it, I'll pick it up over the weekend. But I do hope to see you there Thursday night! Glad to hear you are having such a good time on the tour. Keep it fun!

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Thanks, Jake!

Hope you can make it to QR. Dr. J.B. Rhine's daughter, Sally Rhine Feather, director of the current Rhine Research Center and the author of an EXCELLENT book called THE GIFT, on the patterns of psychic experiences of ordinary people, is going to be there, too.

Joe Richardson said...

Hey Alex,

Took my kids to see "Up" last night, and at several points I thought: This would make an excellent catch and dissect for Alex Sokoloff's blog.

The narrative is strong and lean, and the turning points are clearly defined, with some that surprise (yet make sense), and some you see coming from the get-go--but they're nonetheless emotionally fulfilling when they resolve.

Catch it when you can.

Also, your diary entries on Jungle Red were a hoot.

Wishing you continued success on your tour! Now I'm off to buy The Unseen...

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Thanks, Joe!! I've heard great things about UP from my screenwriter friends, who are generally a cynical lot.

I will definitely catch it when I can. If I ever have any time for anything again... well, you read the tour diary. Like that.