Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The R.I.P. Challenge for October




Dark Fantasy.




Here’s something fun for October: the third annual R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril Challenge, the brainchild of Carl V. from Stainless Steel Droppings.

A whole community of readers is reading one to four books in the above scary genres and sharing their reviews and recommendations. Here’s what you need to know:

1. R.I.P. III runs from September 1st through October 31st, 2008. (Okay, I’m a little late!)

2. Choose one of more of the perils listed below (skull image by Mike Mignola):

Read four books of any length, from any subgenre of scary stories that you choose.

Read two books of any length, from any subgenre of scary stories that you choose.

Read one book of any length from one of the subgenres listed above.

This peril is for those who want to participate but don’t want to get bogged down in a long list of books. It is also for those who feel this type of reading is not their proverbial cup of tea but are willing to challenge themselves by giving just one book a try.

3. Leave a comment here announcing your intention to join and a link to the post on your site, if you have one and choose to post about R.I.P. III.

Check out the contests on Carl’s site for a chance to win a signed copy of THE HARROWING or THE PRICE.

I’ll be reading four from this list:


THE KEEPSAKE – Tess Gerritsen


THE OTHER – Thomas Tryon (a reread, but haven’t read it in years)

One or more of these from Mo Hayder (who really crosses thriller and horror as far as I’m concerned) -




I'm sure I have time for more than four books, though. Any recommendations for me? Any you plan to read?

(R.I.P. image staged and photoshopped by Carl V.)


Carl V. Anderson said...

I am glad you are participating and am again very thankful for your book donations!!! I look forward to the reviews of your book from the people who win copies.

I am excitedly reading Neil Gaiman's latest, The Graveyard Book, which came out yesterday. I have also checked out The Historian from the library. I've decided it is high time I read this since I am such a big fan of Dracula. I'm certainly hoping to squeeze more than those two in this month, not sure where I'll go after I am done with them.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Hey Carl! I just think this is the greatest idea... free rein to read whatever scary books we want, and I'm getting so many ideas from the other posters.

I didn't know Gaiman's was out yesterday. That goes immediately on the list, thanks.

I finished RITUAL last night (and dreamed of swimming in alligator infested waters...)

I think I'm dark but I don't hold a candle to Hayder. Yike!