Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Romantic Times and LA Times Festival of the Book

I'll be running all over the country again in the next two weeks:

APRIL 25 - APRIL 28: Houston, TX

Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

- THURSDAY, April 26:

...9 - 10:30 am Bookseller Event

...11 am-12pm panel: "Thriller: Hooks that Shock" -
with Carole Nelson Douglas, Heather Graham, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Rick Mofina, Jason Pinter, Alexandra Sokoloff

...4pm-5pm: Club RT: signing and chat

- FRIDAY, April 27 8:30 pm performance:

Heather Graham's Vampires of the Wild, Wild West dinner theater (not to be missed!)

- SATURDAY, April 28 -

11 am- 2 pm signings: Katy Books, bookseller


SUNDAY APRIL 29 - Los Angeles Times Festival of Books


12-1 pm: Mysterious Galaxy booth
1-3 pm: Sisters in Crime booth #355
3-4 pm: The Mystery Bookstore booth #411
4-5 pm: Sisters in Crime booth #355

And then...

MAY 1-4 - Malice Domestic, Arlington, VA

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Anonymous said...

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The killer would hide inside their apartment. As soon as the girl would step inside the door, he would grab them and place them on the bed. He would put a pillow over their face and began suffocating them. He would revive them and smother them three or four times over. One girl he suffocated for forty five minutes before killing her.

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I was wondering if anyone knows more information on this weird case?