Friday, February 09, 2007

It's the books, stupid

One of the interesting nuggets I took away from Left Coast Crime this weekend was from a panel on blogging. Several readers in the audience and on the panel expressed concern that authors were blogging so much it must be taking time away from their writing.

Well, given my paucity of recent posts I can’t be accused of that this month. I’ve found plenty of other ways to avoid writing, thank you very much.

No, actually, between plumbing issues and flu, I just haven’t been up for it, but now that I’m better I’m going to be better. Still, it was enlightening to hear that readers would far rather we put time into writing books than writing online (damn them!!).

My LCC wrap-up will be on Murderati tomorrow, so I won’t go into all that now. But I do have to say that conferences are worth every penny, even when the bill seems scary, because all your little excuses and procrastinations and mindblocks and petty terrors fall away and you realize: It’s the books, stupid. You have to write to have books. And then people can read them. You’re happy, they’re happy, everything’s happy.

Everything else is just white noise.

Back to the damn book, now.


Tasha Alexander said...

Alex, YES! Blogging and playing online is such a time sink. A welcome distraction at times, but the books have always got to come first.

That said, I have a weird habit of cycling through blogs or Backspace, paying only half attention, when I'm writing but in "pause mode."

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

T, it's so true that browsing the blogs and Backspace are great when you're in "pause mode" (I've just now adopted that as one of the great writing truths).

But there are some days that the Internet is just a vortex of addiction (I know you know those days...)

Internet porn holds no interest for me... but sometimes, the Internet itself is porn...


Tasha Alexander said...

You are so, so right: The Internet itself is porn.

And I'm afraid I'm having one of those days....Vortex, Tasha...Tasha, Vortex....