Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bouchercon 2

I am en route to my next tour stop, San Francisco (yeah, baby…) and I am never, never going to be able to find the time to write about B’Con in the detail it deserves, so I will resort to downloading quick highlights. So many stellar moments…

- Working out in the mornings with Kent Krueger and Larry Gandle; pretending to be virtuous...

- Getting to know the Good Girls – being okay with the fact that I’m not so good!

- Finding the St. Martin’s Minotaur party was in a bar – in a church. Now that’s as Traveller as you can get. The sunset through that stained glass.

- Listening to Joe Konrath quote from “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”… and winning a hundred bucks off him in a poetry dispute.

- Discovering that my agent and St. Martin’s team are every bit as depraved and excessive as I am – I couldn’t feel more at home.

- Playing a heartbreaking and cathartic version of “Truth or Dare” with Ken, Tasha and Wallace over the biggest spread of cheese products I’ve ever encountered in my life.

- Trying out a VERY subdued version of stunt dressing at this con (I changed outfits four times on Saturday) – and getting unbelievably fun results.

- Proving over and over and over again Miss Manners’ adage that “Flirting is what adults do because it’s simply not practical to have sex with everyone you’re attracted to.”

- The multiple-mirrored shining golden elevator to the Governor’s Club…

- Random wacky moments with my favorite librarians - Doris Ann Norris, Elaine Paquette and Michael Penrod.

- The all 80’s all night soundtrack in The Bar.

- That moment with Lee Child when… well, actually, make that ANY moment with Lee Child.

- Seeing Reed Farrel Coleman win the Triple Crown.

- Going out to lunch with the DL crowd and finding they’re not so scary after all.

- Finally meeting my brilliant web designer, Beth Tindall, and realizing I would never have had the nerve to ask for some of the stuff I did if I’d known what a Dom she is in real life.

- The constantly changing, constantly dramatic weather in Madison.

- The odd experience of having the Capitol building looming up everywhere, everywhere you went.

- Acquiring some great new girlfriends – The Good Girls, Jamie, Kathleen, Kayla, Ann.

- Laura Lippman’s spontaneous tribute to Margaret Maron – yes, we all should be bowing down when she walks into a room.

- Being virtually required to study Jim Born’s body all weekend because I’m writing a cop now, and I just wouldn’t be doing my job if I weren’t taking notes.

- Going to that awesome Farmer’s Market on Capitol Square Saturday morning with Tasha – all the spreads of fruit and flowers and breads and weird granola-y crafts and Amish men selling pies… and that surreal moment of realizing that EVERYONE else on the square was flowing one direction and we were the only two out of thousands trying to go against the flow.

- Just the endless, ravenous, gluttonous, orgiastic talk about WRITING – with WRITERS. God, I needed that.


Victor Gischler said...

Does Jim Born have a wooden leg? That's just something I heard.

Emerson LaSalle

David Terrenoire said...

We have the great good fortune to live in Margaret's neighborhood. If you haven't met het yet, seek her out. She's as gracious and charming as you would expect.

Lovely woman.

And good for you on that $100.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

David, Margaret has been amazing to me - she's introduced me to all the mystery goddesses in the area (there are a LOT) - and is really one of the reasons I'm not dying of homesickness when I'm in Raleigh for extended periods of time.

I'll never get the hundred - I just like having it over him!

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Emerson, I believe the term is "hollow" leg.

Anonymous said...

Alex, it was fabulous, wasn't it?

Truth & dare and going against the crowd.

What a weekend.