Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tour - Week 1 1/2 (the Virtual Everglades)

What a whirlwind. This week, three signings in South Carolina, on to Savannah, next day Orlando for SIBA – the Southern Independent Booksellers Association trade show. Stayed at the very Disneyland Gaylord Palms Resort – a hotel built around a football arena-sized atrium of Everglades recreation – crab shacks and gator lagoons and piped-in mist and cricket sounds and air conditioning and complete and utter lack of bugs. Lavish, but – weird. Had a great time at the MWA/Sisters in Crime booth, ghoulishly decorated under the direction of the tireless and charming Pamela King Cable. We all went out to dinner at an even weirder spot – Celebration – a planned community near the hotel – also very Disney – spotless and plastic. Having never been to Florida I had had no idea how much the Empire had permeated Florida. But surprisingly good Italian food.

Meeting all those independent booksellers at once was just great – I was thinking that it’s just not possible for a tour of individual stores can possibly be as effective.

Then a long drive back up to Charleston, where I spent the night with my screenwriter friend Katherine Fugate, who’s executive producing her first TV pilot, ARMY WIVES, there for Touchstone/Showtime. Charleston is way cool, reeking with history and that great port energy and I can’t wait to go back, but it didn’t get under my skin in the same way Savannah did.

Then drove back to Raleigh to do a reading and signing at the incomparable Quail Ridge Books. What a great event! It’s so much nicer to do an actual interactive talk than to just sit there signing books, and I started rethinking my thinking on bookstore signings. We had dozens of people show up and it was a truly fun evening – owner Nancy Olson is a wickedly witty MC (she called me a degenerate – how could I not love someone who GETS me like that?)

That was my very first time actually reading aloud from the book, and apart from the fact that I really do need to get Lasik surgery, like, yesterday, it went over perfectly. Of course, I’d been able to watch Margaret Maron do a program just a few weeks before, so I was able to steal her technique!

Off to Nashville frighteningly early in the morning – for my first TV interview tomorrow – “A Word on Words” – and then Killer Nashville this weekend – and then L.A. Sunday morning to do the West Hollywood Book Fair, then…

Well, it goes on….

I'm the guest at Tasha Alexander's Virtual Cocktail Party this Friday over at Good Girls Kill for Money, so drop by and have a drink! I myself am going to need one.

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elainesbrain said...

Living vicariously through your travel blog! Thank you. Kiss Nashville for me. A lot.