Monday, September 18, 2006

New Orleans photos

Romance writer Brenda Joyce was one of the fun and fabulous authors at Heather Graham's Writers for New Orleans. Brenda has posted photos from the conference on her site (so I don't have to figure out how to!).

Link here

I wrapped up Killer Nashville Saturday night at a really lovely party at the very haunted Landmark Bookstore in Franklin, TN, then hopped a plane to LA at 6 am to get to my first panel at West Hollywood Book Fair - a very HOT but lovely day - got to see tons of old and new friends. No time to write about all right now but I can tell you one standout detail - there were far more transvestites at WeHo than Killer Nashville.

I also saw an amazing sunset - on, yeah, Sunset Blvd. - a surreally huge magenta sun swimming in crimsons and oranges and fuschias... it was straight out of science fiction. I'll never, ever forget the image - it's a good thing I didn't have an accident, I was so mesmerized.

More later!


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed your reading/signing in Raleigh last week! It was impressive you had such a crowd there... what a great way to make your Raleigh debut!

Reading about sunsets and Sunset makes me think of Chalet Gourmet - which was very close to my old LA apt. and thus the place I dashed out to most frequently in between the regular grocery trips to Mrs. Gooch's...:) Have a blast out there. It's terrific fun hearing about the various stops on your tour...

Also! Come visit my blog, camera-obscura, when you get a chance.. it's new with just one entry so far..:)

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

It was so great to meet you there, Billie! Yeah, I was thrilled at how many people turned out - I felt so much pressure to do well for the store because I love it so much, but it was just completely fun.

Chalet Gourmet, oh, yeah. I know it well basically because I've spent so much time stuck in traffic right at that intersection! But I have a GREAT ghost story about that place.

Will check out your blog! Post the link!

Anonymous said...

Or you can just click on my name and access it via my website.

Would love to hear the Chalet ghost story!