Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Harrowing Tour, Week 3, part 1


Monday, live TV interview with Good Day Arizona. It was an experience sitting in the lounge waiting for my interview – like being backstage of a vaudeville show: the strangest parade of characters. A woman with a large perfectly coiffured poodle, a blind man with a cane, a hair stylist teerering by in the kinkiest pair of shoes I have ever seen, and I’ve seen some. And yes, a little person marched by to complete the experience.

The anchor, Scott Pasmore, was a big flirt, as was the weatherman, Brad Perry - so we all had a good time. They fought over my book. This is a weird thing to do for a living.

Then I dropped in to talk ghosts with Les at Poisoned Pen, then drove to Sedona to do a screenwriting workshop at the Well Red Coyote - one of the prettiest drives in the US, I think… constantly changing scenery, from white hills to blood red rocks, armies of Saguaro. Sedona is amazing as ever – I swear I breathe better just crossing the city limits. I drove around looking at rock formations until sunset, then had dinner on the patio of vegetarian restaurant DeLish and watched the sun go down over the rocks.

Kris and Joe Neri have a great store and it was a fun group of writers and aspiring writers… I felt fairly useful.

Long drive back to Phoenix in pitch black (but a million stars!), passed out and woke up at 6:30 to fly out. Sitting in O’Hare right now, en route to Madison for Bouchercon. Let's get this party started.

Lessons from the road:

- You can never, EVER have too many bookmarks.
- Always check in at the curb. Counter agents will weigh your overweight baggage but Sky Caps will just smile and call you Shug and handle it for you.
- No matter how horrible and anxiety-ridden and neurotic writing is, NOT writing is so, so much worse.

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