Monday, August 21, 2006

The Closing of Cody's

Now this is tragic. Any bookseller going belly up, of course - but this - Cody's Books on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley closing, after 41 iconic years.

Why Booksellers are Going Belly Up

(It was last month, actually, but I missed writing about it because of my computer crash, and this is a great article - not just about Cody's and the book biz but about Berkeley, Telegraph, the whole damn thing.)

I can't imagine Telegraph Ave. without Cody's. Cody's was always the treat store, the homework break, the down time, the refuge, the place to get dry in the rain, a Xanax substitute, an oasis of sanity in the craziness of Berkeley. My blood and tears were in that store, literally.

It was HOME.

I am heartbroken that I will never be able to do a signing there. There's still Cody's in San Francisco and on Fourth Street, but it's not my Cody's.

It's not home.


Anonymous said...

Very sad, Alex. I lived in Berkeley in the early seventies (VERY early seventies. . . early enough to get tear gassed), and Cody's was my hang out. I fear the other indies aren't far behind.

Cody's is gone, Deadwood's nearly over. What are we gonna do??

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Ohhhh.... you had to mention Cody's and DEADWOOD in the same sentence. Now I'm really going to cry.

Last night I don't think I took one breath through the whole episode. Devastating.

Did I know you lived in Berkeley? Should have known, I guess!!

Anonymous said...

You probably didn't know I lived there. It was only for a year or so. I worked at what was then (maybe still?) Crocker Bank while my sigother (I'm creating a new word for significant other) went to grad school. Is that where you're from?

Leslie Goldenberg said...

I hadn't heard about Cody's and was very sad to hear the news. Sounds like time for a wake.