Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ThrillerFest Day Two (Continued...)

ThrillerFest Day Two (Continued...)

I head for the Grill for lunch with Allison Brennan, Rob Gregory Browne, and Toni McGee Causey. Toni is lovely, Cajun, creamy skin and huge luminous eyes. I want to tell her about what I have seen and felt in New Orleans (was that only two days ago?) and ask her how she's handling it all but am afraid I will start to cry and not be able to stop. I haven't been able to process it myself, yet.

Toni and I commiserate about Hollywood. Rob and I commiserate about publicity. Allison and I fight over the Kalamata tapenade. All too soon I must run off again, this time to meet Heather and Harley for a Killerette rehearsal.

Heather's cottage really is in Utah, but air-conditioned to below freezing, which keeps us lively. We work on our dance moves and try on the sequined hats I scored in New Orleans. We repair to the patio to bond some more. It is so hot I can feel brain cells melting. We summon a golf cart and are driven to the next rehearsal.

I am sad to be missing all the panels and random chat and especially the trial of Jack Reacher and my chance to stalk Lee Child. Luckily so many people are blogging about it in such detail that I will have a chance to experience everything I missed -with pictures!

Bookbitch photos
Scott Nicholson
Natalie Collins
JT Ellison
Tess Gerritsen
Jason Pinter
David Terrenoire
JD Rhoades
Mary Reagan's great photos

At this next (just our second!) rehearsal we meet Blake Crouch, our other extremely talented drummer, author of very dark suspense. Blake is indeed a "twisted little goober". He is also a walking archetype for me. A recurring character in my dreams is a red-haired young man who is half-angel, half-demon. Two of my best friends in life have been physical manifestations of this dream figure. His appearance in real life is always a sign of a massive creative breakthrough. It is even weirder to meet Blake's identically red-haired and angelic wife, and red-haired and mega-angelic new baby boy. If one is a creative breakthrough, what is three at once? Scary.

It is better, today. Blake looks as worried as we were yesterday, but the rest of us realize that overnight the improvement is so exponential that we might be able to pull this thing off. John Lescroart is massive fun to sing with. He doesn't hold back a thing, he's completely communicative and wickedly playful.

We are all having the best time. How to explain it? We're all writers, we love writing, we love talking about writing, we love writing about writing, we love WRITERS - but it is just so great to get with a group of people who understand all about you on that level and ALSO express all that same creativity physically - through our bodies and voices and instruments and rhythm. Music is a language, just as potent and intoxicating as words. It is so fucking great to get out of my head and just BE.

After this rehearsal there is nothing I want to do but sleep. Lee Child could be doing a striptease in the bar and still all I would want to do is -- (okay, even I'm not buying that one). But when I go by the bar, Lee Child is not doing a striptease, nor is anyone else, yet, so I'm off to bed - exhausted, but happy.


JD Rhoades said...

Damn, girl, why didn't you tell me you were from North Carolina? I'm right down the road from Raleigh, and Terrenoire's even closer.

Wait, that may be why...

never mind.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Hah - I was trying to keep my location secret from you twisted fu-- fools.

I'm not from North Carolina, though I find it - interesting...

I'm a California native, with a North Carolina boyfriend. Can you say "Bicoastal"? Can you say, "Fish out of water?"

But I have to admit, yours and Blake's and Terrenoire's panel dark side panel was so up my particular alley it's scary.

Oh, all right - I guess this means we all have to go out drinking.

JD Rhoades said...

Damn the luck.

JT Ellison said...

Why did I assume Terrenoire was in Hollywood. Think it's the cool name?
Viva la SouthEastern writers.

Toni McGee Causey said...

Okay, now I know you can write fantastic fiction after reading that description. (grin) Thanks, Alex. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and having lunch. Can't wait 'til the Harrowing is out.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Sweetie, I just call it like I see it!