Friday, July 28, 2006

Let them do the work

My new cyber-friend Heather Brewer has blogged greatly today on the art of acquiring blurbs - and therefore I don't have to - as her method is exactly my own, except I sent letters rather than e mail. I just love the FEEL of a letter, you know? You can't hold an e mail. Well, not the same way.

Also, my Hollywood friend (yes, there IS such a thing, sheesh...) Paul Guyot has blogged greatly on Murderati today about writing and not-writing and the antidote to the latter.

I am so inspired I am taking his advice and WRITING, starting right this minute, rather than all the rest of this not-writing thing that is just so damn easy to do.


Milady Insanity said...

I read both posts, and I really ought to be following Paul Guyot's advice too.

PS Do you think you could reply to my email? About the guest blog? Thanks.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Milady, I'd be honored to guest blog for you. I did reply, instantly - so something went awry.

Let me know when and where, and I'll be happy to serve.

JT Ellison said...

Alex, Paul's words derailed my blog surfing, commenting, emailing, stock tickers and the like. Dammit. I felt compelled to work.
Thanks for drawing attention to his words!

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

JT - I know! I had a good hour and a half of productivity today until I succumbed to the usual temptations.

But, really, despite all his fine and lofty ruminations on discipline, Paul G. is the devil. Elaine said it - dangerous.

We should all get together and drink and talk about him in front of his nose behind his back.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Just curious...