Thursday, July 20, 2006

Do You Have a Problem?

Is your life unmanageable?

Yeah, I'm talking about that little blog addiction. You know the one.

I don't have any comprehensive answers, because, well, I'm desperately trying to manage my own. But here's at least one thing that can help: Crimespot.

Crimespot is a single webpage that posts links to all the recent updates of probably all your favorite blogs (I mean, at least vaguely mystery writing-related, since you're reading this one to begin with.). One-stop blog shopping. It won't manage the time you spend on the blogs, but at least you won't be obsessively checking every hour to see if anything new has been posted on three dozen different blogs. Not that anyone here does that, of course.

It's not an answer, but it's a start.

Thanks and kudos to Graham for this excellent resource!

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robbinshood said...

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