Friday, June 16, 2006

More on film: Upcoming novel adaptations

Browsing through the open studio assignment list again, this time for upcoming novel adaptations. (I do this partly as a public service, because appallingly often executives don't even let the writers and authors involved know that they're trolling for another writer.)

This list does NOT include remakes that are also novel adaptations - I listed those several posts below.

I've listed the projects by studio (in bold). Some of these studios you won't recognize because they're not really studios - some of them are financial sources, aka "People who can write a check." It's interesting to look at just to see how few active financial sources there are out there. More on which later!

I've listed the production co. or producer in paretheses at the end of each entry).

(And I noticed right off the bat - there are a TON of YA and children's book adaptations in the works... they're scattered in the list below.)


Buena Vista

CABIN PRESSURE - based on a book proposal by Josh Wolk (an Entertainment Weekly writer)
IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW - Hugh Jackman musical based on the upcoming novel by Celia Ahern
ON A PALE HORSE - based on the novel by Piers Anthony (Top Cow)


AS SHE CLIMBED ACROSS THE TABLE, based on the Jonathan Letham novel
NIGHTLIFE - based on the thriller by Thomas Perry

Focus Films:

THE HUSBAND - based on the Dean Koontz thriller


DEEP BLUE GOODBYE - based on the Travis McGee novels by John D. MacDonald
ESCAPE OF THE PACIFIC CLIPPER - based on the novel by George L. Flynn about the origins of Pan-Am (Mark Gordon Co.)
LEONARDO THE TERRIBLE MONSTER - based on the Mo Williams children's book (21 Laps Ent.)
LITTLE DARLINGS - based on the British children's series by Sam Llewelyn
ME VS. ME - based on the novel by Sarah Mlynowski (21 Laps Ent.)
PREY - based on the thriller by Michael Crichton
ROTTEN SCHOOL - based on the children's series GOOSEBUMPS by RL Stine

Fox 2000

THE KILLING SEA - based on the Richard Lewis novel (Scott Free Prods)
PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTING - based on the YA fantasy novel by Rick Riordan (Maverick)
RAMONA QUIMBY - based on the classic children's books by Beverly Cleary (DiNovi Pictures)


AFTER HAILEY, from the novel by Jonathan Tropper (Michaels/Goldwyn Prods.)
THE ANYBODIES, from the children's book by Julianne Baggott (Nickelodeon)
BIG FRIENDLY GIANT - based on the Roald Dahl book. Kennedy/Marshall Co:, Blue Wolf Prods.
DOPE - Based on the upcoming mystery novel by Sara Gran (Michael London)
DRIFT HOUSE - Based on the upcoming British YA fantasy novel by Dale Peck
FIVE MEN WHO BROKE MY HEART - based on the novel by Susan Shapiro (Blum House)
GAME OF SUNKEN PLACES - based on the YA novel by MT Anderson (Nickelodeon, Blum House)
GUESTS OF THE AYATOLLAH - based on the novel by Mark Bowdon (Scott Rudin Prods.)
H.I.V.E. - based on the YA novel by Mark Walden (Lynda Obst Prods.)
ONE SHOT - based on the novel by Lee Child (C/W Prods, Mutual Film Co.)
THE RECKONING - based on the supernatural thriller by Jeff Long (Type A Films)
SEX DRIVE - based on the coming of age novel by Andy Behrens (Linda Obst Prods)
THE SPELLMAN FILES - based on the Lisa Lutz novel
THE WINTER OF FRANKIE MACHINE - based on the yet-to-be-published book by Don Winslow
THE WIZARD, THE WITCH, AND TWO GIRLS FROM JERSEY - based on the YA fantasy novel by Lisa Papademetriou


ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY from the famous children's book by Judith Viorst (Original Films )
CARNE ASADA - Comedy based on a book proposal by Rich Wilkes

HOW I PAID FOR COLLEGE: A TALE OF SEX, THEFT, FRIENDSHIP, AND MUSICAL THEATER - based on the novel by Marc Acito (Laura Ziskin Prods.) (I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! funniest thing I've read in years!!!)

THE SCORPION GATE - based on the geopolitical thriller by Richard Clarke

Tom Jacobson

THE CONVERT - based on an anonymously written book.


DECEIT - based on the book DERAILED, by James Siegal.
WISHWORKS - based on the children's book by Jason Lathcoe

Walden Media

CHARM SCHOOL - based on a Nelson DeMille novel (Bristol Bay, Kennedy/Marshall Co.)
THE LOTUS CAVES - based on the children's novel by John Cristofer
WHERE'S WALDO - based on the children's book series by Martin Handf

Warner Bros.

EMPEROR OF OCEAN PARK - based on the novel by Stephen L. Carter (Gaylord Ent. John Wells Prods.
ENDYMION SPRING - based on the new novel by Matthew Skelton (Bueller Films)
THE FORGE OF GOD - planned as a three-film series based on Gret Bear's novels THE FORGE OF GOD and ANVIL OF STARS (Jerry Weintraub Prods)
GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE = based on Kathryn Lasky's children's fantasy series (Donald Deline)
THE LAST GIANTS - based on a French children's book by Francois Place (Management 360)
THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA - Based on the fantasy novel by Scott Lynch (DeLuca Prods, Firm Films)
LONG WAY DOWN - based on the novel by Nick Hornsby (IEG)
MARKET FORCES - based on the novel by Richard Morgan (Thunder Road, Village Roadshow)
MEASLE AND THE WRATHMONK - based on upcoming 3 book children's series by Ian Ogilvy (Imagemovers)
OUT OF MY HEAD - based on the comic novel by Didier von Cauwelaert (Leonard Goldberg)
SLEEPER AGENDA - AKA SLEEPER CODE - based on two teen thrillers by YA author Thomas Shlegoski

Unclear where set up:

SPECIMEN DAYS - based on the novel by Michael Cunningham (Scott Rudin)
VARIABLE MAN - based on a Philip K. Dick short story (Silver Pictures)


Rob Gregory Browne said...

So my question is how do you get ahold of this list? My agent subscribed to a service, but guarded it like it was gold.

Could never understand what the big deal was.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Oh, yeah - you'd think these were state secrets, right? I mean, please!

Different people send them to me. I'll get you a copy of this latest one if you want.

Richard Lewis said...

Hey, I'm the Richard Lewis guy (writer, not comedian) that you mentioned (Fox 2000).

While my novel THE KILLING SEA is technically YA in that a YA house is publishing it, it really isn't--I wrote it with adults in mind as well. True, it has two teenage protagonists, a Western girl and an Acehnese boy, trying to survive the aftermath of the 2004 Asian tsunami, but it's a family novel for all ages.

Alexandra Sokoloff said...

Hey Richard - thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the correction. Great website - I love the cover of THE FLAME TREE. You've had such an interesting life - the books must be good, right? ;)

So how's KILLING SEA going? Keep us posted!


Scarn DM said...

Don Winslow ( is currently working on the screenplay for Cool Breeze on the Underground, his first novel. I'm looking forward to the Death and Life of Bobby Z, as well as Robert Di Niro in Winter of Frankie Machine. Have you or any of your readers read Cool Breeze?